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Limitation of Liability 

All content provided on this blog is for informational purposes only. I am not offering professional advice or information, and I can’t make and guarantees or representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site. I will not be liable for any errors or omissions in this information nor for the availability of this information. I will not be liable for any losses, injuries, or damages from the display or use of this information. Additionally, any comments made by other individuals on this website are outside of my control, and I am not responsible for inappropriate or offensive comments made by others on this website. 


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From time to time I may put a link on this website to another website. I am not responsible for the content of those websites, and if you have concerns, please consult the terms and conditions of those websites.



All of the content on this website was created by me (unless otherwise noted) and is my intellectual property. Under United States copyright law, it is illegal to use any of this content without my express permission. 



If any user of this website abuses or disregards these policies, it is within my rights to block that user from accessing this site or terminate their account.



I collect names and email addresses for comments and my email list. My email list provider does have access to the list of email addresses in order to provide that service. This information is collected through voluntary means. This site may also collect information through cookies. All information that I collect is purely for the purpose of allowing communication with my site users via email. I do NOT share or sell any of this information with anyone (with the exception of plugins such as my email list provider). I take your privacy seriously. There may arise a legal situation where I would be required by law to share some of the information that I have collected, but I hold the information that I collect in strict confidence and would only do so if it were legally unavoidable. 


Opting Out

If any of these policies sound unreasonable to you, or you are simply no longer interested in this blog, you may at any time unsubscribe from my email list. Please allow a few business days for updates to be made.



All of these policies are subject to change without notice at any time at the discretion of the owner. 



Please see my contact page if you have any concerns about these policies. Each one is in place for your legal protection and mine, so if anything seems unreasonable to you, please let me know! My only goal is to ensure that all site users and myself are practicing safe Internet usage and transparency with one another.