What we should all be doing on Valentine’s Day

Just about everyone who is not in an adorable relationship is sick of hearing about Valentine’s Day. The collective users of social media have seen enough photos of brunches for two, romantic candlelit dinners, and couple selfies involving some sort of heart shape made with arms or hands.

So content creators and social media users alike have started to rebel. Galentines Day is for single girls who spend V-day with their best friends, sisters, cousins, or whoever — a day full of love but romance free. I walked past Victoria’s Secret at the mall this weekend to see “Me Day” emblazoned below a crossed out “V-day.”

Many of my Facebook friends have already announced their firm intent to spend Valentine’s Day with their cat or dog, some high-quality ice-cream, and Netflix.

But someone is left out.

The creator of love is left out of our celebrations

Don’t get me wrong, any time we can make a holiday more inclusive and fun for more people, I’m for that! I haven’t been single in college, but I know many young women who are sick of being asked when they’re bringing a boyfriend home to mom and dad. I think it’s fantastic that Valentine’s can now be a time for girl time or self-care.

But the one person who I’ve literally never heard mentioned in connection with Valentine’s Day, which is a day dedicated to celebrating love, is the author, creator and originator of love, God. In fact, as the Bible notes in 1 John 4:8, God is love. It’s His very nature and essence. Needless to say he deserves a lot more than just a mention when it comes to celebrating love.


Celebrate romantic and friendly love, and God’s love

Now, I’m not saying that I suggest we all cancel dinner with our boyfriends or husbands or sisters or friends or pets and hold a prayer meeting (not that you shouldn’t totally do that if you feel led to). I’ve got plans for Italian food and the symphony with my fiancé, and I can’t wait! What I am saying is that if we’re devoting a day to the celebration of love, we ought to show the creator of love some appreciation as well.

The great thing about this is that anyone can benefit. You don’t have to be in a committed relationship or even have a date, you don’t have to be surrounded by a gaggle of your BFFs, you don’t even have to have a cat! Literally anyone can come away this February 14 with a deeper understanding of and appreciation for love by spending some time in communion with the being who invented all kinds of love.

My plan is to read 1 Corinthians 13, often referred to as the love chapter, and pray over it this Valentine’s Day. I hope that you’ll join me in that or something similar. Read a couple of verses about God’s love, and thank Him for giving us the gift of human relationships. Then head off and have a great time with whoever it is that you love this Valentine’s Day.

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