Should Christians celebrate Halloween?

As I’m writing this, it’s nine days to Halloween, and that particular holiday has been a subject of lively discussion between my fiancé and me. I grew up in a family that didn’t explicitly disapprove of Halloween, but definitely didn’t like a lot of the undertones. Vincent’s family LOVES Halloween, and always goes all out. So we’ve had a lot…

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Self care for busy college gals (and stress-busting tips!)

So as I’m sure you’re all aware, it’s midterms right now. I’m actually blissfully working an internship this semester, and so I’m not studying like a maniac, but I know all my friends are, and I’m pretty busy myself. These last few weeks, as the year is waning and we’re all ramping up our fall activities and commitments are coming…

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Life lessons from a broken laptop

We’ve all had a moment where something horrible happened, but in the end, we looked back on it and realized it had taught us some important things. I had just such an experience last month and I want to share my takeaways with you — maybe you can learn them without going through all the frustrations! The unthinkable happened to…

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My DIY engagement photo shoot

You know, the world is full of people who can do absolutely anything they put their minds to, with a little creativity and elbow grease. There are also people who think they can do absolutely anything they put their minds to. I happen to fall into the latter category, and I’m also very into DIY and being frugal with money. So when…

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College, Culture, Politics, Work

6 must-read tips for handling debates at work or school

  Particularly in light of the harrowing recent events in Charlottesville, the political conversations around my workplace have been heating up. My workstation is in a room with two guys I respect greatly, but we all have pretty different political ideas. One is a very traditional conservative, the other is a leftist libertarian, and I’m about as apolitical as you…

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