Be a better sister in 7 days challenge

At my last hourly count 5 seconds ago, it is now 16 days to Christmas! Most students are wrapping up their semesters, and if your family is like mine, there’s a lot of family time in your near future. My sister and I have been hanging out a good bit lately as her school is wrapping up and work has slowed down for me a little bit. In fact, there’s been some friction as might be expected between sisters who are close in age and live together. I’ve been thinking that I want to really get Christmas vacation off to a good start between the two of us, so I cooked up a plan for a week-long challenge to intentionally focus on being a great sister.

My idea is kinda-sorta loosely based on The Love Dare from Fireproof, but it’s a more compressed, short-term challenge. It’s designed around my ideas of the important aspects of a sisterly relationship, but it could definitely be adapted to suit any relationship — friends, roommates, significant others, parents even. The idea is just to intensely, intentionally focus on your relationship with someone for a week to get you focused on being unselfish and loving towards that person — especially important if you’re going to be spending a lot of time in close quarters with that person for the next few weeks.

I’ll be doing this for my sister starting next week, and if you decide to follow along, let me know how it goes! You could even share the idea with your sister (or another person) and do the challenge for one another together.



So there are two prongs to the challenge: some things to do every day for a week, and some extra-special things to do on the last day of the week.

So here’s the plan.

Things to do every day

  • Start and finish each day with a prayer for your sister
  • Make time to talk to her — talk about her day, talk about what she’s struggling with, talk about her goals for the new year. If you’re not able to talk in person every day, make a point of texting or FaceTiming her, leave her a voicemail, whatever. The idea is to prioritize communicating with her each day
  • Do something helpful for her. This could take a lot of forms — maybe it’s your younger sister and she needs some help with homework, maybe you can help with a chore, anything that would take a little bit of the load off her or make her day a little brighter. This is great for her because it shows her that you care, and great for you because it’s a way for you to intentionally practice serving her
  • Thank her for something. It’s super important to feel appreciated by your family, so make a point of showing her that you appreciate her every day

Extra things for the final day

  • Write her a note/letter —  maybe tell her how happy you are to have her in your, recount a favorite memory, say some of your favorite things about her
  • Give her something special. For my sister, I’m planning on creating a scrapbook of photos of us together. (If you recruited your sister to join you on the challenge, maybe get tickets to do something together or work on something together as a joint gift)
  • Do all the other things from the first list

So, pick a relationship that you want to improve and focus on, and really put in 110% effort for a week. I’ll let you know how it goes for me next week, and I hope to hear your results as well.

Until next time!

3 thoughts on “Be a better sister in 7 days challenge

  1. This just made me miss my sister! Absolutely loved this! Pinning it so I don’t forget these tips! Prayer is so powerful and at times I forget how much even that does! Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Thanks, Theresa! It’s amazing how hard it gets to maintain those most important relationships as we get older and busier.

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