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20 things to do when you’re 20

This weekend is kind of a big deal, to me anyway — because I just turned 20 yesterday! I’m officially leaving my teenage years behind, and entering a new phase of life. I’ve been thinking about some of the things that I’d like to do while I’m 20. Your twenties are your most creative, vibrant years — the prime of life! I want to get mine off to a good start. Here’s a list, in no particular order, of 20 things that are on my list of goals for the year. Some of them are small and even silly, others will take weeks or months. Perhaps I won’t accomplish every single goal  between now and Dec. 2 of 2018 (and I know some of them are ambitious) but I’ll be referring to the list monthly throughout the next year. Are you about to enter a big year? Or maybe you’re working on a bucket list. Check out a few exciting projects or experiences to try — maybe one of them will be part of your New Years’ Resolutions.

1. Go on a road trip

2. Paint a self-portrait

3. Make a time capsule

4. Invent a recipe

5. Write a book

6. Learn to grow succulents

7. Learn calligraphy

8. Camp on the beach

9. Compose a piece for the piano

10. See a great concert

11. Vote

12. Try surfing

13. Go backpacking

14. Make an awesome Halloween costume

15. Master a yogi headstand

16. Become conversant in German

17. Try a radically different hairstyle

18. Learn the basics of car maintenance and repair

19. Crochet a cool hat

20. Learn butterfly stroke

Thanks for reading! What’s something exciting or ambitious that you plan to do this year?

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