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7-day Bible study boosting challenge (free printable!)

Lately I’ve been going through a bit of a slump. Perhaps it’s the weather (it’s been cold, wet, and yucky even in my normally sunny corner of North Carolina), or maybe it’s daylight savings time. When it gets dark before I leave work I feel like it’s bed time when I get home. Maybe it’s realizing that this year, I don’t get a month off school for Christmas like I have since I can remember, that’s sure bumming me out! And all of that is having a bit of an effect on my daily Bible study, as I shared in my last post.

Last week I shared a few tips that have helped me refocus on my personal Bible study and keep myself enthusiastic about it even though lately, I just haven’t felt motivated to spend time in the Word every day.

This week, I’ve put together a simple 7-day challenge to help you if you’re also struggling to stay focused and diligent in your daily quiet time. For every day of the week, there’s an idea to bring something fresh or encouraging to your day to help you rediscover the joy of personal Bible study.

While the challenge is designed to just take a week, it’s easily adaptable. Try incorporating any of my ideas from my previous post that might serve you, or jot down a few of your own! Or, expand the challenge by taking each day on the sheet and following it for a week, or cycle through the challenge four times for a monthlong experience. Click here to download, and I hope that you or someone you know benefits from the little extra boost of motivation during the sprint to the finish of 2017!



4 thoughts on “7-day Bible study boosting challenge (free printable!)

  1. I love this! I could definitely use a challenge like this. I feel like so many of my friends have been in a slump like you talk about here! It must be something in the weather or something!

    1. Thanks girl! Feel free to share with any friends you think might be helped, I always have this issue when the weather gets cold and this year I want to be proactive and help some others out as well!

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